Hegel & Margo, Artist team

Annette Hegel and Deborah Margo are collaborating, multi-disciplinary visual artists and urban gardeners, living in Ottawa. We are interested in the confluence of art, nature and science.

02_by the bee _2018_ mixed media, centrepiece approx 5m x 5m x1.5m.jpg

by the bee

upcoming exhibition at City Hall Gallery, Ottawa

Public Art Concepts

07_Apidictor Symphony II_2018_wire, fibreglass, sedum_LEDs_112x8x2.5m.jpg

Apidictor Symphonies

Apdidictor Symphony and Apidictor Symphony II

09_Asphalt Oasis_2015_installation view_mixed media_18m x 30m x 15m.jpg

Asphalt Oasis

A three month site intervention, culminating in a Nuit Blanche 2015 night garden